DYTRON s.r.o. operates from their own premises situated in Kbely, northern suburb of Prague. Right from its foundation in 1992, the company has been specializing in the development and manufacture of welding equipment for plastics. Due to our high quality standards for each individual technological component we manufacture majority of them in our plant. Thanks to the expertise and experience of our designing team, we were able to introduce our top quality fusion welder with microprocessing controls to the market in 1995. It received a well deserved recognition from the expert community and was awarded The Golden Simet - the main prize of the Simet 95 Exhibition.

From the beginning,we have maintained our commitment to manufacturing excellence and continuous innovation in our technology. We have estabilished ourselves as a manufacturer who cannot be overlooked by the professional community or the competitors. We have achieved success not only in technical advance but also in the unprecedented quality of our products and since 1998, we have been ISO 9001 certified through the firm RW TUV.

In the latter part of 1999, we entered into a partnership with several foreign firms and together we have cornered a significant part of the world market for welding equipment for plastic pipes, plates and membranes.
The growing demand for welding equipment for large size pipes had inspired us to develop further products to expand the assortment available in this area. It is the complete line of butt welding machines from STH 160 to STH 630, which we introduced to the market in 2001.

DYTRON is one of the biggest manufacturers of welding equipment for plastics in central Europe and by world standards it is a leader in this field. We are also the second to none in our commitment to complete customer satisfaction. Our customers can expect quick, quality service with special attention paid to individual needs.

DYTRON s.r.o
Toužimská 943 / 24a
197 03 PRAHA 9 - Kbely


+420 266 190 011
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+420 603 108 233
DYTRON s.r.o.
Toužimská 943/24a
197 00 Praha 9 - Kbely
Czech republic
tel: +420 266 190 011
fax: +420 266 190 038
GSM: +420 603 108 233
e-mail: info@dytron.eu
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