Automatic wedge welding machine SKA
This welding machine is designed for welding of roof PE and PP foils with overlap. Its movement on the foil is ensured by an electric motor and the travel speed can be regulated continuously, even in the course of welding. Exchangeable welding edges enable execution of welds with or without a testing channel. Transportation between welds and manipulation out of the welding points are easy thanks
to the option of disconnecting of the travel drive.
Similarly as with other machines for welding of foils and plates, all functions of this model can be controlled using a microprocessor control unit.
Supply voltage (V) 230 nebo 115
Power demand (W) 2 000
Weight (kg) 8,5
Welding speed (m / min) 0,6 - 10
Welded materials PP, PE, PVC
Air supply volume (mm) 0,25 - 3
Weld width (mm) 40
Welding edge temperature (°C) 150 - 500
Units displayed System SI (m, km, °C) or US (feet, miles, °F)


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