Set for butt welding ST-160
The equipment ST-160 is designed for professional poly-fusion and butt welding of pipes of thermoplastic materials. The ST-160 enables butt welding of diameters 40 to 160 mm and poly-fusion welding of diameters 40 to 110 mm. A special bench plane, which allows machining of the pipe butt before welding, makes face welding easier.

The movement mechanism provides smooth setting of necessary thrust and the clamping support can be adjusted until the weld is cooled down. The machine is equipped with a top quality welding device with microprocessor control for melting down of the welded parts of piping. The standard set also includes a mobile table and a sheet-metal case with accessories in addition to the welding machine itself.

Welded diameter (mm) poly-fusion fittings 40 - 110
butt welding 40 - 160
Power demand (W) welding machine 1200
bench plane 630
Supply voltage (V) 230
Regulation of temperature electronic regulator
Range of temperatures (°C) 180 - 280
Indication of temperature LED diode
Bench plane electric
Weight (kg) 70
included as a standard    available as an option 


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