The automatic version is convenient at such places , where there is no need using the model CNC, but the user wants to make use of the advantages offered by this high standard machine. A welder can use the alpha - numerical display that allows easy setting of all necessary parameters and watching all operation through the welding process. During the welding process the data about weld demand, power demand, temperature of environment and above all the time left can be monitored.
As for CNC, with this automatic version all data can be printed and the system can be connected to a PC. It is also possible to enter the parameters through external equipment.

  SVEL 3500 automatic
Supply voltage (V): 230
Power demand (W): 3500
Suppression of interference complies with EN 55011 (33 4225)  
Temperature rise of supply cables complies with EN 563 (83 3278)  
Protection level: IP 24
Range of operational temperatures (°C): 5 - 45
Dimensions L x W x H (mm): 490 x 480 x 145
Lenght of supply cable (m): 2
Length of connection cables leading to electro-fittings (m): 2
Weight (kg): 9
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