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About us

Our company DYTRON EUROPE has a seat in our own premises located in the north outskirts of Prague, in a quarter of Kbely. Since the very beginning we concentrate our attention on development and production of equipments for welding of plastics. Because of very high requirements for the quality of individual technological entities we manufacture the majority of components by ourselves. Thanks to high skills of our designers we introduced a brand new socket fusion welder with a chip temperature control which has been considered as a top product in its range. The welder attracted an extraordinary attention of experts and the public and it was awarded by the major prize of the SIMET Fair 1995 – the Golden Simet award.

About us

From the outset we have been improving the technical level of our products constantly. Nowadays we are a manufacturer well known among professional users as well as by our competitors. We are successfull not only in the field of research and development but also in quality of our products – since 1998 we have been applying the quality control systém ISO 9001. Besides, also the system of environmental management ISO 14001 has been introduced.

We have been extending the range of our products gradually. We introduced a complete line of butt welding equipments of STH type in 2001 enabling welding of tubes of diameters starting from 50mm up to 900mm as a reaction to an increasing demand for equipments for welding of tubes of big diameters. Afterwards, we have completed our range of products also by electrofusion welding machines and by extruders and wedge welders for welding of foils and plates.

Our company DYTRON EUROPE belongs to the biggest manufacturers of welding equipments for plastics in Central Europe and the quality and reliability of our products are appreciated worldwide. Our strong point is also a positive attitude to individual requirements of our customers and a high quality and promptness of our repair service.