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SVEL Line Electrofusion Welding Machines for Fittings

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Device SVEL 950 SVEL 3500 SVEL 3500 PLUS
Voltage (V) 230 230 230
Welding diameters (mm) 20 - 315 20 - 315 20 - 315
Power demand (W) 950 3800 3800
Protection level IP 24 IP 54 IP 54
Operational temperature range (°C) 0 až +45 -10 až +40 -10 až +40
Length of supply cable (m) 1,6 4 4
Length of connected cables for electro-fittings (m) 2 4 4
Dimensions (width, height, length) 245, 75, 277 370, 530, 370 370, 530, 370
Weight 1.47 26 26
Order No. 01989 04879 04880


The advantage of this software is data collecting from all equipments made from the company Dytron Ltd. into one central information storage using a single program. This simplifies the recording and evaluation of welds made using different equipment such as e.g. STH and SVEL on a single project site. Original Dytron software allows communication with the following equipments:


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Advantages of SVEL Welding Machines SVEL 3500 and 3500 PLUS series


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SVEL 950

Electrofusion Welding Machines without Bar Code

Obj. č. Typ
1989 Svářečka elektrotvarovek SVEL 950


SVEL 950 is a welding machine intended for welding with electro-fittings without a bar code. The compact and sturdy transport case provides reliable protection for the equipment including input and welding cables. The most frequent application is welding with electro-fittings from polypropylene used for repairs of indoor water distribution or for making connections in hard to reach places.


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SVEL 3500 and SVEL 3500 Plus

Electrofusion Welding Machines with Bar Code

Obj. č. Typ

SVEL 2000

Universal welding machine intended for welding with electro-fittings from polyethylene marked with a bar code. The great advantage is a contactless reading of the bar code. The original design provides easy manipulation of the machine and safe storage of cables. The welding machine is intended for welding of water or gas pipelines. Moreover SVEL 3500 Plus disposes of integrated list of electro-fittings and direct printout of the welding protocol. The communication with the personal computer is supervised by the WeldManager software.